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The struggles of life is something everyone goes through. No one is exempt from it. Some are better at hiding what they are truly going through more than others. I can definitely relate to the struggles of life. Today I want to share about how we can help those we care about that are going through a hard time.

I have mentioned in another blog entry that I wrote called ‘Can You See Me?’ about how people may not realize it but I observe more about them then they may think that I do. I especially pay attention when I begin to see evidence that they are struggling with something or seem to be hurting. Sometimes I see it in their demeanor, other times I hear about it from others that they are going through something. Then there are times when their pain is more obvious in their words, actions and attitudes. I have been watching as some people have and are going through some really tough things. Some that are dealing with life threatening situations. It’s hard to watch someone you care about going through a difficult time. Sometimes I feel that even speaking words of comfort to them is not enough. I have watched as they put a brave face on even though I can see that they are hurting.  

All in all, it has come to my attention that I have a problem. I have a big heart and at times do not have a way of helping someone. How do you help someone who has lost a loved one? How do you help someone who has been given a serious diagnosis by the doctor? Yes, these are questions that I have gone through in my mind. I am one who wishes to fix things, solve problems and try to make things better. But I have realized in certain situations I cannot. 

Until one day when Jesus showed me something in Mark 2 it says this,  A few days later Jesus went back to Capernaum, and the news spread that he was at home. So many people came together that there was no room left, not even out in front of the door. Jesus was preaching the message to them when four men arrived, carrying a paralyzed man to Jesus. Because of the crowd, however, they could not get the man to him. So they made a hole in the roof right above the place where Jesus was. When they had made an opening, they let the man down, lying on his mat. Seeing how much faith they had…he said to the paralyzed man,  “I tell you, get up, pick up your mat, and go home!”  While they all watched, the man got up, picked up his mat, and hurried away. They were all completely amazed and praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”

In these verses of scripture, I saw the point of what Jesus was trying to tell me. Number one the man was completely paralyzed there was nothing he could do to get better. Number two his friends recognized it and saw that he was helpless and perhaps was discouraged about it and even in pain. Number three because his friends did not wish to see their friend suffer anymore they did the one thing that they thought would help their friend. They brought him to Jesus. They knew He would help their friend. Their faith that their friend would get well through Jesus was so strong that they did not care about what they had to do in order to get their friend to the person who could make them whole. Then, you see their friend go from a state of being paralyzed to getting up and walking around and becoming healthy in every way. What a powerful story! Here is an example of what we can do for someone who is hurting, This is what we can do for someone who is in a situation that we cannot fix. We can take our friends to Jesus and watch Him intervene and cause a miracle to happen in their lives. I can tell you that there have been situations that I have watched people go through and I brought them to Jesus in prayer and then I watched as God would turn their situation around from bad to good. Then their joy becomes my joy. There are some situations where I have not seen the fullness of the breakthrough of those who I am contending for. But, I know that it does not mean that God is not working in their situations. He may want to heal other areas in their lives first before He heals that specific area that I am praying for. Does it mean I should stop praying for them? No, because I know that in due time Jesus will answer me. Why? Because He is faithful to His promise of healing those who are in need of healing. To providing for those who need provision. That’s what He came for, that is what He died for. He came so that we would be made whole.

I want to encourage you today. You may have a friend who is going through something hard you may not always know what to do or what to say. But, you can do this. You can bring them to Jesus in prayer. Tell Him about the situation and ask Him to intervene in their situation. If the situation is not resolved right away, don’t get discouraged. Sometimes, you have to bring them to Jesus more than once. You may not see a lot of progress in the natural but that does not mean that He is not working in their situation. Rejoice in the little progress that you do see and then watch as their breakthrough begins to become more and more evident. When you give it to Jesus, He is faithful to complete that which He has started in their lives. If He tells you to do something, such as say something, bless them with something or He just wants you to pray step out and do it. It will not only change their lives, but it will change yours!