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Have you ever felt like you were invisible? Or like you were overlooked and misunderstood? Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and you notice that they aren’t paying attention to you at all? Or have you ever heard someone say that they are great friends with you and yet they never hang out with you, don’t even know your favorite color, what food you like to eat or what you like to do for fun?

Yep, I have definitely experienced that. It’s hard when you want people to see you the way you really are and yet for whatever reason, whether it’s because they’re busy or distracted, they miss the details of who you are as a person. 

It’s kind of like Facebook in a way. I think that it feels kind of strange that you can be friends on Facebook and yet never talk to each other. It’s interesting to me that what was meant to be a relationship building kind of website really can cause more distance between people than a deeper friendship. Just a thought.

 On Facebook one can go in and look at someone’s profile and see what that person likes, read their statuses and look at their photos, and then one can immediately say I know that person and what they are about.  But the truth is, they don’t really know that person. They are only looking at the surface of someone and making their assessment of who they think that person is based on what they see. 

For instance, someone who really knows me will know what would make me laugh and cry. They would know what I would like to eat, what I would like to wear and what gets me excited. If people were to go to my Facebook page, they would see that I post a lot of things about Star Wars. You would see pictures of me and my family. You would see posts of scriptures, encouraging quotes, and sometimes funny things.

But all of those things about me are just a glimpse of what I am like. There are many different facets to who I am but one can only see them if they take the time to look and spend time with me. You see if one were to look a little closer to see who I am these are some of the things that they would see. Sometimes, it may look as if I am not paying attention to what is going on with people but the truth is that I observe more than they might think. I care about what people are going through. I pray for people more than they know especially when I see them having a hard time. I don’t always talk with them about what I see happening in their lives but, I talk to God about it and trust Him to take care of them. Then I watch as He does take care of their situation. I also love to encourage people. At times, I will purposely go out of my way to bless them. Whether it be with an encouraging word or even blessing them with something that they would enjoy. I want to make sure people are well taken care of.  

I have a tender heart. My heart is a lot more sensitive than I let most people know. Sometimes, people can say and do things that are hurtful. I don’t always show them that how they are acting towards me really bothers me. But even when I am hurting, I still try to treat them in kindness in return. It isn’t always easy but I am thankful when Jesus helps me to treat them in love the way that He would. 

Integrity means a lot to me. When people do what they say they will do, I deeply appreciate it. I love it when people spend time with me because they want to. They are not doing it because they want something from me but they just want to hang out with me and have fun. Those are times I treasure.  

That is just another little glimpse of what I am like. All in all, I must say it’s always easy to assume what people are like. But something special happens when you take time to see who people really are and you treat them for the person that they really are. Instead of treating them as the person who you assume they are.  

It is the same way with God. We can hear about Him and we can assume that He is a certain way. Then our relationship will be based only on what we’ve heard. But when we take time to get to know Him, we will understand who He really is. 

In 1 Corinthians 2 it says this, No one can really know what anyone else is thinking or what he is really like except that person himself. And no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit…God has given us His Holy Spirit that we may know about the things given to us by Him.

I like to share a quote by A. W. Tozer he says this:

The sovereign God wants to be loved for Himself and honored for Himself, but that is only part of what He wants. The other part is that He wants us to know that when we have Him we have everything – we have all the rest.

God desires to show us who He really is and that will only come when we stop and spend time with Him. When we stop and take time with Jesus, we will know who Jesus is. There are so many facets to who He is and one will never know them unless they stop and pay attention to the one who is ready to show them who He really is. We can hear about His love but never really know it because we don’t take the time to experience it. We can hear about how awesome it is to trust Him and see Him come through for us but never truly understand what it means unless we place our worries, cares, doubts and concerns, into His Hands to take care of us. And when we do experience it ourselves, we begin to understand a little more of who He is.

I would like to encourage you to stop and look at Jesus. Take time to find out who He really is. Don’t just go by hearsay and assume you know who He is. You may be very surprised when you begin to know Him for who He is.