My dad was asked by some friends if he would come and speak at their church. They also asked our family to come as well, and we all agreed to come. We came with the intention of blessing and ministering to the people there. I was excited as the service started and was ready to encourage, bless and minister to those in need. Worship ended and the pastor’s wife came on the platform and began to speak. She started out by welcoming everyone. And then she said something I didn’t expect. She said, “Alright church let’s bless our guests.” The next thing I knew was there were people surrounding us and placing money in our hands. I was shocked. I thought, “we’re here to bless you. Why are you blessing us?” It blew me away. I had never experienced anything like that before. Later, I found out that the people at the church lay aside their own personal money in their own account specifically for the purpose of blessing those that God puts on their hearts to bless. I walked away from that experience with the desire to do the same. Since then, God has given me opportunities to bless others. I have discovered that when you listen to God’s heart He will show you how to reach out in kindness toward others. Whether it be an encouraging word, a gift of money, or an act of kindness you can change someone’s life and yours as well.

Well, before I go I would like to share this video with you. I thought that it was a great example of how a simple act of kindness can change a life. I pray that today you will be blessed and that you will experience the love of God in a fresh, new way. Have A Great Day!!