It was a sunny day in Kirkland, Washington. Ten days before my older sister’s wedding. I wasn’t having the best day. In fact, I was a little frustrated with life in general. I was supposed to head over to the church which was only a couple of minutes away. So, I got into my strawberry colored, neon dodge and headed towards the church. In order to get to the church I had to go down a two way road. This particular road had a turn off road to the right of me. As I got closer to the turn off road all of the sudden this truck pulled out in front me. The driver intended to turn quickly into the opposite lane of the two way road. I tried to step on my brakes so I wouldn’t hit the truck but it was too late to stop. I ran right into the side of the truck. I hit the truck pretty hard. Before, I could do anything else I then heard a loud bang and my car jolted. I thought, “What was that?” Then all of the airbags in my car deployed abruptly. The airbag in front of me smacked me in the face.  Smoke started rising inside of the car. I thought to myself as I was beginning to black out “am I in heaven?”  I instantly felt an urge to jump out of the car. So, I quickly removed my seatbelt and I got out of the car. I went directly over to the sidewalk. This lady came over to me panicking and was loudly cussing. She then asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She said that she had hit the back of my car. And was apologizing for it. She asked me if I wanted to use her phone to call anyone. And I said “yeah.” She handed me her phone and I called my mom and told her I was in a car accident. My mom said she would come to get me. I looked over and one of the guys from my church was there. He saw that I was in the car accident and stopped to make sure that I was okay. I reassured him that I was fine. I looked over at my car and it was totaled and there was green liquid leaking out of the bottom. The police came and he asked me how I was and I said that I had banged my knees up. My mom arrived and talked to the policeman. He told me after assessing what had happened and looking at the condition of my car that I shouldn’t have survived this accident. And yet there I was.

A witness who actually saw the whole thing. Said to me that after I hit the truck the car behind me hit the back of my car and my car flew up in the air and then landed on the road. I thought, “Well that explains the loud bang and the reason why my car is sitting in a diagonal position.”

My mom took me to the emergency room to make sure that I was okay. The only thing that was wrong with me was I had a sore lower back, really banged up knees, and sore muscles. 

That night I was feeling okay so I went to worship practice. It didn’t really hit me until then what had actually happened. One of the girls on the worship team realized I was struggling and came over to me and prayed for me. 

I saw something so clearly that day. I could not ignore it. God made it very obvious. My time on earth was not over. He had a purpose for me. A purpose that is far beyond what I could ever hope, imagine, or even think of. There is a reason I am still here. 

Exodus 9:16 says, But for this very purpose have I let you live, that I might show you My power, and that My name may be declared throughout all the earth. 

I have been called according to His purpose and plan for my life. To bring glory and honor to His Name. Created for Him to let Him love me, to love Him and share His love with those around me. 

One of the things I like to do is read different quotes and sayings. Today I came across this quote and it said this:

Having a rough day?

Place your hand over your heart.

Feel that?

That’s called purpose.

You’re alive for a reason.

Don’t give up.

The fact that you are alive…You are breathing…You have a heart that is beating.. says that God has a purpose for you. Way beyond your wildest imaginations. Let Him show you what He has in mind for you. Psalms 139 talks about how He wrote a book about your life. A book that was written before you were even formed in the womb. Let Him read to you the story of your life. You are precious in His sight and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As you open up your heart to Him. You will come to know that God is not finished with you. He has a purpose that is custom made just for you. And only you can fulfill it as you walk hand in hand with Him.