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Well, today I thought that I would tell you a story of something that happened to me when I was living in Australia. A lot of people have not heard this story, but there were a lot of people there when it happened. You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

While I was attending Hillsong College in Australia; I was in the choir. Every Thursday they would have what they call “Sisterhood” which is a weekly meeting for women at Hillsong Church. Well, on this one particular Thursday they decided to have a combined meeting with men and women and there were about 2,500 people there that morning. They were going to introduce a new song called Healer by Mike Guglielmucci. Mike was going to come in and speak and then share the song. I was excited as I had heard a bit of the song and could really feel the presence of God when it was being sung. So I thought, “This is gonna be good.” Well, the time came and we had just finished worship and Mike got up and began to speak. I was standing on the stage on the choir risers on the third row. As, I was standing there I started to feel really hot, and I felt a little sick. I thought,”Oh I will just adjust the way that I am standing and I will feel better.” 

Well, that didn’t quite help. I happened to look over at a lady sitting in front of the stage. And I am not quite sure why I thought this but I thought, “She’s thinking that I don’t look so good.” The next thing that I knew I was opening my eyes to see my friend leaning over me.  And everything seemed to be going in slow motion as she said to me, “EVERYTHING………IS………GOING……..TO………BE……..OKAY!!!!!!!!”

I thought, “Oh Great!!!! I Fainted!!!!”

I sat up and the service was still going. One of the ladies who was on the worship team came over and sat down beside me. She said, “Are You Okay?”

And I said, “I am a little fearful.”

She started laughing as she repeated what she thought I had said. “You’re Waiting For A Miracle?”

I said, “No I said I am fearful.”

She said, “Oh.” And she burst out into prayer rather loudly. And was praying as fast as she could.

I must admit that at that moment I didn’t have any more fear as I was so distracted by her bursting out into prayer, and the fact that her words were coming out of her mouth like a freight train going 110 mph. I think I was calmer then she was after that. (I was grateful for her prayers though.)

Then I was asked by some of the team if I wanted to leave the stage. I looked up at all the people there and had a sudden picture of someone carrying me across the stage while the guy Mike just happened to speaking about healing at the same time. While I would say, “Don’t worry people I just fainted. All is well. Do Not Be Alarmed!!!! As you were!!! As You Were!!!”

I then decided rather than bring myself further embarrassment and be a total distraction that I would climb over the risers and try to sneak off the stage the back way. I told them that I wanted to climb the risers and go the back way instead. They were a little hesitant about me going that way at first, as they didn’t want me to get hurt anymore, but then they helped me off of the stage. I thought whew!! I am glad that is over. The only thing was that I needed to go through this huge curtain to get backstage and I couldn’t find the opening in the curtain. Then the people with me tried to help me find the opening as well. It took what seemed like forever to find the opening in the curtain. And I couldn’t help noticing people looking over at me with odd looks on their faces. (My thoughts…how many people does it take to open a curtain? Hopefully only three.)  I was quite relieved when we finally found the opening and were able to go through it. 

Needless, to say my adventure was not yet over. I was then escorted upstairs and they called the ambulance. They wanted to make sure that I was okay. The ambulance arrived and then I was asked a series of questions.

The only way I can describe this scene is it was like this. Remember in the beginning of the movie Finding Nemo where Nemo gets stuck in the coral, and his Dad comes rushing over to save him.  The scene went like this:

Marlin: NEMO…(Gasp) Nemo!!!! No, Don’t Move!!! Don’t Move!!! You’ll never get out of there yourself. I’ll do it. (He pulls him out) All right where’s the break? Do you feel a break?

Nemo: No.

Marlin: Sometimes you can’t tell because fluid is rushing to the area. Now any rushing fluids?

Nemo: No

Marlin: Are you woozy?

Nemo: No

Marlin: How many stripes do I have?

Nemo: I’m fine.

Marlin: Answer the stripe question.

Nemo: three

Marlin: No. Something’s wrong with you. I have one, two, three. That’s all I have?

Marlin: Oh, You’re Okay.

After their many questions. Like:

Do you remember waking up this morning?

What is your name?

What did you eat for breakfast?

They informed me that I just had low blood sugar. 

I must add one tiny little detail here. Even though, I did have low blood sugar. I do not think that was the only reason that I fainted. I had been dealing with a staph infection in my arm and had been taking antibiotics for over a month. So, I do think that contributed to my fainting episode. Just a little bit. But even in the midst of it something happened. After the ambulance left, a lady from the church who didn’t even know me offered to take me to her house to rest until my ride came to pick me up.  

I was surprised by her generosity. Thinking you don’t even know me and you have given up your time to take care of me.

It reminded me of Jesus and when he said in Matthew 25:35, For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.

 I was very grateful for the kindness she had shown me. After that time I struggled with going back on that stage and singing because I was embarrassed and afraid that I would faint again. But then I would have different people come up to me and say that they were praying for me and that really helped me. I really felt the love and protection of God throughout that situation. God helped me and I got back on stage and stood there and worshipped God. I was not going to let fear control me.

I thought about what happened during that time even though I found it somewhat humorous. (Being as I found out later that they had recorded it all on DVD. Thinking that my fainting episode will be there for all to see for the rest of my life. My friend said that when she watched the DVD and I had fainted it looked like she was the one who had fainted because she leaned over to help me when I went down. It turned out that I didn’t have to be embarrassed anymore because it looked like it was her and not me. I did tell her many times thanks for covering for me. Now, that’s a good friend right there.)  

I saw something in those people that had shown me kindness, because they went out of their way to help me when they could have chosen not to. They were a personification of the Love Of God. I saw Jesus in them. God taught me a lot during my time at Hillsong. One thing that I have walked away with is a bigger heart for people that makes me want to show kindness, and generosity towards others. I now see that I can Value them, Encourage them and most of all be the hands and feet of Jesus in their life. By saying what He wants me to say to them, reaching out to them, and showing them that He Loves Them Very Much!!!  That is my story and that is my prayer. That when people see me they see Jesus.